Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tom McClintock calls his constituents ANARCHISTS!!

   Congressional Representative for far too long, Tom McClintock, held a town hall meeting last night in Sonora.  He tried to
promote himself, but it didn't last.

   The very first question was "Why did you call us ANARCHISTS?"  He tried to say there is a violent streak within the left!  THE LEFT??? Hundreds of people couldn't even get inside the hall.

   They asked if he would investigate Trump's associations with RUSSIA?  McClintock is looking older and older and did not want to be there. Unless only his TP's are the only people present.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that he used cops as ushers in and out of the theater. pretty good pay for usher jobs.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this. He told people that you are just mad you lost the election and that there were just as many mad about barack obamas presidency. yeah, the racists!!

Anonymous said...

OH yeah, like 5 or six that I saw. and his tp's were pointing out to the cops or ushers who they shoud remove. He's such a corrupt politician.