Thursday, February 16, 2017

Another Press Conference full of LIES!!!

  If you had a chance to watch the first real press conference that Donald Trump has held since taking office nearly a month ago, you were not surprised by the alternate
facts (falsehoods) brought out.

   He bragged again and again about getting 309 electoral votes, saying it was the most anyone got since Reagan.  A TOTAL LIE!!  Obama and George W. Bush both got nearly 100 more!

   He stated that no one in his campaign ever spoke to the Russians, even though the Justice Department has tapes. 

   He stated that his Office is running like a "well-oiled machine", even though he fired Flynn this week, chastised Conway for advertising and lost his Labor Secretary to revealed facts.

   He stated that it was the leaking from the White House that was illegal, not the information in the leaks themselves.  He then stated that the leaks were all true, but the News reports were FAKE!  HUH????

   Last night a psychiatrist was on one of the talk shows and stated that to call evil Trump a pathological liar, a neurotic narcissist or other names is insulting;  to the mentally ill!!


Anonymous said...

You could see the reporters looking sideways at each other, amazing.

Anonymous said...

This is a classic glimpse of irrationality personified and we are subject to it every day now - just consider the source every day it enters our lives.