Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why President Trumpty is terrified of Mike Pence!!

  Last night Lawrence O'Donnell, who was one of the first people to call Donald Trump a LIAR when Trump tried to say President Obama was not born in the US, came back to his talk show
on MSNBC after 2 weeks of vacation.

    He wears his honor proud, that Trump called him out personally at the time, as he does with anyone who challenges his LIES! 

  Trump appointed Mike Pence to be his VP, apparently not knowing that the VP has the power via the 25th Amendment to have him removed for his inability to discharge the powers of the Presidency.

  A majority of the cabinet can call this amendment into action due to the mental instability and obvious pathological lying, which has been shown to all of America over the past month.

   It was enacted in 1967, after President Kennedy was assassinated, to clarify the rights of the VP and how a President can be removed from office, other than impeachment, which takes longer.

  Pence is now representing the US in a sane and respectable manner overseas and has been asked by foreign media, "who should we listen to, who is really in power over there, you or Trump?"

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