Thursday, February 23, 2017

Have you EVER had a neighbor scream violently at you??

   If you and your spouse have ever had a volatile neighbor that you have watched deteriorate into worse mental illness for years, you cannot be surprised at screaming violence, can you??  Be
afraid, be VERY afraid!!!

   If you and/or your spouse cannot carry on a conversation with others without violent outbursts from this neighbor, the insanity needs to stop.   If you finally got it pickup up on sound and video tape, nothing has been done about this violent person, you have a right to protect yourself.

   It may be sad that mental illness is the cause of the volatile, hateful, and scary actions, but that is no excuse.   This person should be either put in a home care or psychiatric facility, be locked up or in some way monitored.  So SAD, as Trump would say!!


Anonymous said...

did you see the off-duty cop who pulled a gun on neighbor kids who trespassed on his yard? did he have the right?

Anonymous said...

Nope, this ain't Florida with stand your ground.

Anonymous said...

Be a good neighbor and make them a nice batch of Kool-Aid this summer when days are hot and long and it won't long when they are gone. That's Jones Town Kool-Aid can work wonders for the most stubborn neighbors.