Monday, February 20, 2017

Press needs to be more arbitrary than ever now!!

   Due to the racist, homophobic, anti-women's rights, hate-mongering president that the alt-right Nazi white supremacist so-called Christians
have chosen to lead us, we need the press more than EVER!!

   Instead of backing off when Trumpo barks at the press for reporting his insanity, the press needs to be more fervent, more arbitrary and more challenging than ever. 

      Remember Nixon?? He tried to chastise and marginalize the press too!!  Trump will get his, and so will all the KKK loving freaks!!

   Question, challenge and question again, everything they do and say.   In Calaveras County very little questioning is done by the press.

   The press is not supposed to be a promotion machine, it is supposed to be arbitrary and question everything.  This is America.  Calaveras County has been backwards for a long time.

  The Sierra Sentinel is constantly criticized and chastized by the corrupt forces here locally, both city and county.  They even try to cut off 1st amendment rights to make the Sentinel do what they say and NEVER question their corruption.  Won't happen!  Won't work!  Only leads to more lawsuits!!

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