Monday, March 27, 2017

Letter to Editor: Cruel and evil??

   Dear Editor:

    I don't think that the less fortunate or those who care about them will soon forget the cruelty that was included in the REpeal and REplace amendment that died last week.

   I had always thought Republicans were attempting to rekindle a kinder image (compassionate conservatism) or something, but that bill showed otherwise.

   That bill was taking away from the poor and disabled and giving to the rich, plain and clear. How much more evil can Trump and his bunch of Russian lovers be?

   I'm sick of them and want to know when he can be impeached!!  R in Copper

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Anonymous said...

I so wish immediately! Everyone needs to learn valuable lessons from all of this - the republicans do NOT care about anyone other than themselves and the rich which they have demonstrated time after time. Their talk is opposite of their beliefs and actions. They are not the republicans of decades ago. Please vote the republicans OUT and the democrats IN, in the 2018 congressional (mid-term) elections.