Thursday, March 30, 2017

County Supervisors secrets, planning??

   It was perfectly clear that something is going on behind the scenes with the Calaveras Supervisors. What kind of corruption is this??

   The public
brought it up and when the discussion about a retreat was mentioned by Mills, they all already knew about it and had previously agreed to have one. Watch it again if you doubt this.

   Even ex-Supervisor Edsel brought it up during public comments. Something secretive is going on in violation of the Brown Act; just like Mills has wanted all along.

   Wasn't this the same type of problem CCWD had with Mills when they had to sit with him on their board???

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Anonymous said...

I hear Edson is trying to undermine the directions of the BOS by going to department heads as if he is still an elected official. Edson you lost, be responsible enough to own up to your being a hired political hack. You weren't any good while sitting and you're still no good. All you did was exacerbate and condone the corruption in calaveras county government.