Friday, March 24, 2017

Repeal and Replace: Abysmal Failure of Trump and Ryan

   It was just announced that the ACA or Obamacare will not be repealed anytime in the near future. The Republicans are all blaming each other.

   Donald Trump and Paul Ryan could NOT get enough votes from the Freedom Caucus. Congratulations to the Freedom Caucus and the American people.  Abysmal failure for Trump and Ryan!!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! The repubs were looking to gain a boatload of revenue from not funding Obamacare to the states and now that windfall has evaporated. These people have no care for the people of this county or they would have never put forth such a lame bill.

Anonymous said...

Our President is sitting on a big fat "Well we tried to fix it but no democrat would sign on."

HA! This was our President's plan all along. The Dems own Obamacare so when it fails, its on them. Perfect!