Monday, March 27, 2017

Warning: Don't build or remodel in Angels Camp!!!! Disgraceful!!

   We have discovered and received yet another complaint about Dave Hanham,  and the other racist speaking employee who works for the City in Building, that they are taking in money for NOTHING!!

   In fact, we have tried to fact check this with Derek Cole, the Angels Camp City Attorney and he seems afraid to answer.  Is it true that the City building department and planning are actually taking drawings and charging for NOTHING but looking at them??? 

   And kiss your money goodbye!! We believe this is corruption of the worst sort. On top of all the other corruption we have witnessed at this city in the past 15 years, this is a topper!! 

  And we understand that they are taking this money from people who are suffering already due to severe storm damage. This is disgraceful!!!


Anonymous said...

There is a house in the older part of their annex that is being remodeled, yeah right. It hasn't been touched all winter. There is even rif raf trying to get into it. The roof and inside is falling in and there is serious mold growing and rumor has it you can smell the mold coming from it. Isn't that a health hazard? What is the city doing about that? Is this remodel even being checked on? Does it even have permiting?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is why. Instead of encouraging fixing things up, they cause problems if you don't grease them up good.