Monday, March 27, 2017

Souces: BEWARE!! Ebbetts Pass Teletubbs Nazi Dog Poisoners???

    We have been told by a couple of sources that many believe the three Nazi Teletubbs reported earlier are definitely the dog poisoners
who travel in the Ebbetts Pass area.

   Protect your animals.  If you witness any of the three Nazis, please notify authorities right away. Protect the world from these sick Nazi creeps who dress like teletubbs. 

    We understand the most recent (third) Tubb is the most dangerous to animals!!  The appropriate management was notified immediately.

   Apparently what was at first seen on video as fraud was actually another attempt to poison dogs at the neighbors home??


Anonymous said...

I already knew about the other two crazies. but I was totally shocked to see the photo of the third one. didn't know before..f

Anonymous said...

That photo has been around now. people are shocked when they learn

Anonymous said...

Shall we talk about the mother, or the father???