Friday, March 17, 2017

More lawsuits on Measure B???

   On Monday March 20, 2017 another court case gets under way in Calaveras County over the questionable Measure B initiative, brought to residents under controversial circumstances.

   Mr. McmAnus, close friend of Supervisor Oliveira is named in this suit, regarding the entire wording of the ballot measure.

     It says that they lied when they told the public the Calaveras Supervisors brought this to the public.  It was brought by the Tea Party's McmAnus and David Tunno, both losers of recent elections.

   What will the judge say. The petitioner wants the entire thing thrown out and not mailed to the voters.  Rebecca Turner says she is mailing them anyway.  Does this make the county liable??

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Anonymous said...

Those two pOs, McManus and Tunno are in court today at 11:45