Saturday, March 18, 2017

NO on Calaveras Measure B......

   ....Many cannabis growers are hoping the Measure B ban on cannabis is successful. They don't want to pay taxes on it or have any regulation.

   You can thank the McmAnus family, the Mills family, the Reinke's and the Tunnno family personally when crime goes way up and there is no money for law enforcement.  Are they secretly growing in the county??? We do know they are extremists!!

   These people appear to be the most in favor of MORE criminal behavior in Calaveras County. We recommend you vote NO on Measure B to protect our county from these type of people, who may even be secretly growing and don't want to pay or have regulations



Anonymous said...

This is so confusing. Who allowed those people to get a foothold in Calaveras, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Duh! The previous board of supervisors. Some are still collecting their residuals from the growers as a pro-representative under the guise of regulation. Isn't that right, Edson?