Thursday, March 2, 2017

Right to Farm in Angels Camp??? Un-elected councilmembers RUN our Lives???

Dissolve the City and they can
go back to their threesomes and
kissing frogs!!
  Although it has nearly always been a County of Calaveras practice and code of a Right to Farm, the City of Angels Camp, as usual, is against everything that gives rights to anyone.

   They plan to introduce Ordinance 478, adding chapter 17.65 Right to Farm to Tital 17 of the City of Angels Municipal Code.

   We'll see what happens. They seem to only going to be allowing it in a certain DISTRICT of the City.  The City needs to dissolve and become part of the county again. It would save the taxpayers money and eliminate some of the incompetent people who think THEY should run our lives!!! 


Anonymous said...

Come on, everyone. Angels camp controls everything you do. They are Trump like dictators. No rights in AC.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like their buddy Firman is trying to control too!