Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Temporary Sheriff OBSESSED with POT!! Who will run against racists??

   In the past 24 hours we have received several PRESS releases about what the Temporary Calaveras Sheriff calls serious and urgent.  

    Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, all are about marijuana. We NEVER see press releases about the RACIST violent sexual threats of women resulting in arrests. We never see the violence reported by some racist neighbors resulting in arrests. Something is wrong with our Temporary Calaveras Sheriff!

    An OBSESSIVE law enforcement is the LAST thing Calaveras County needs! Who will run for Sheriff. It has to be someone who is NOT owned by Oliveiras racist bunch of gun thugs that we know well in Ebbetts Pass.

 This temporary Sheriff is SO BAD for Calaveras, due to his obsession with POT, which comes from his childhood as a user.

  MORE to COME soon!! Details in writing about incompetence, love of dirty cops, racist ties, etc.


Anonymous said...

That's the reason none of our burglaries from our homes are EVER solved. All they want to do is chase pot smokers and growers. I'm for getting rid of him, too.

Anonymous said...

once a pothead, always a pothead. he's just trying to cover.