Monday, May 22, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Why no gun list! My kids aren't safe!!

   Dear Editor:

   Awhile back I remember the Sierra Sentinel stating it was time that the public knew who had the gun permits in Calaveras County.  I am afraid for my children and want to avoid those people.

   At that time I remember Sheriff Kuntz gave you and anyone else who asked a bad time, trying to say they didn't have such a list.  Cops don't think the constitution applies to them, you know.

  Is it true that the Calaveras Sheriff Kuntz and now DiBasilio (his drinking cohort) refuse to investigate or even answer calls to anyone who demands the gun permit list??

   Why are cops always the ones to believe they are above the law?  Also, has anyone checked to see who has been promoted to inside the Sheriff's Office?

   I've been reading about DiBasilio, who wants to get elected Sheriff now, and I'm very nervous. Those inside are the worst of the worst under Kuntz. False reports, failing to investigate and resident complaints that they threw in the trash, according to the Grand Jury.

   Is DiBasilio just another drunk cop who wants the big bucks and is supported by that guy with the giant head, Olivera?    Please answer my questions.

   Scared of the cops in Calaveras



Anonymous said...

Are you the wife of a cop?

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that our sheriff is just like trump. he hires and promotes for LOYALTY to him and his corruption, than for the best thing for the people, regardless of crimes.

Anonymous said...

Well, the way I heard it, kunts got his women from the jail. he was correctional officer before he got fired.

Anonymous said...

In case you forgot, Kuntz was Sheriff before he passed on. By the way, he had enough signatures on his nomination papers for Sheriff, he didn't have to pay. Seems he was popular the first go round.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kuntz was a popular drunk