Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trump leads the violence??

   Last night in Montana, a Republican candidate for Congress, angry that a reporter was asking him questions, allegedly grabbed him by the neck and body slammed him to the ground, according to FOX News reporters in the room.

   He was cited for misdemeanor assault, but may win because Trump encourages this violent behavior toward the press and anyone else who opposes them or asks them questions.  Is this the new Republican Trump Party???


Anonymous said...

We've always known there was that element in our society, but the civil voters alwys kept it under control and out of power before.

Anonymous said...

Trump has probly already offered to pay his legal bills.

Anonymous said...

Really not a problem. In Montana the voters will not only vote for him, they will high five him. If anything it will get him more votes.

The "press" should expect more of this type pushback from the fake news they propagate.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice this man was not arrested for body-slamming a reporter or grabbing him by the neck. That sheriff's office gave him money...hint, hint, hint.