Monday, May 15, 2017

What do you do with THIEVES???

   We have been researching what a Calaveras County resident should do when they have been robbed of one or two items repeatedly when the Sheriff is so corrupt??

   If you finally got a surveillance shot of the FAT no good thief that shows it is the low-life you always suspected was the sick perp, but the Sheriff protects him, you must take things into your own hands.

  You must get help from experts who handle this type of problem.  You may be shocked at what they will do when the local law enforcement refuses to take action to protect citizens!!

   If you have anything like this going on, especially from racist Tea Partiers that you already suspected, we will give you a number and refer you for help.  The Sheriff in Calaveras will NOT arrest or even investigate racists, dirty cops or any Tea Partiers!!!

   You must, however, have surveillance photos or videos of the invasion. 


Anonymous said...

I hate thieves too. Make them pay. They'll probably move now.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think with a crook like Trump in the White HOuse, we need vigilante law, citizens who will protect us. I'm for this!

Anonymous said...

Thieves are my PET PEEVE! Where can I join???