Sunday, May 14, 2017

White Supremacist State of Jefferson backers file suit--Want triple taxes!!!

   Is it true that the Tea Party backers of splitting California into little pieces, the State of Jefferson white supremacists,
have filed suit against the state.

   Al Segalla is one of the backers in Calaveras County. These confederate wannabes are trying to pull a TRUMP and destroy our county, as well as the State.

     Segalla disparages the media in a Public Access TV show with a guy named Murphy. Are these people as nuts as TRUMP??

   It's a dangerous game they play, wanting to triple our property taxes in order to pay their salaries to be dictator over a segregated state called Jefferson.  Scary people in Calaveras right now. 

   Be careful to avoid them at all costs. 


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Anonymous said...

Seems like all that's on that public access channel 7 is religious nuts and political wack jobs