Sunday, January 28, 2018

Attempts to smear FBI by Nunes fails

Nunes is one weird dude!!!
   Rep. Nunes must have been offered something in return for making himself look like even more of an
idiot than he already does.

   Trying to make the investigators look bad is NOT a defense of your criminal President, Mr. Nunes. How embarrassing that he is from California. And McCarthy was on Meet the Press this morning, actually backing the nut case up. 

  It's all just a fraud to persuade Trumps base that he was railroaded into his criminal conduct, instead of having to admit to the fact that they voted for a freaking racist, and possible money launderer, who is without morals or any type of good character.

   How can Republicans live with themselves???  Everyone is asking WHAT HAS Nunes BEEN offered, what is the price of his SOUL???

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