Monday, January 29, 2018

"The Monday Night Slaughter"- So many questions!!

   Carl Bernstein, of the Watergate exposure, stated just a few minutes ago that the GOP has just authorized the Monday Night Slaughter
for Trump. When will he fire Rosenstein??? To then place someone to fire Mueller???

   A cover-up, with fake memo to try and derail Mueller's investigation, corruption and shameful attack on our FBI and Justice Department in order to end our democracy!

   What is Trump hiding?  Money laundering?  Conspiracy to help Russia get him elected?  What has he refused to put in place the Sanctions ordered by Congress?  What is he afraid of?  What does
Russia have on him? 


Anonymous said...

Personally, I believe the base trump people are so dump they don't even realize what he is doing to them. Why do you think he picked that particular uneducated bunch to cater to?

Anonymous said...

I would take that man seriously He's been there before.

Anonymous said...

You mean Bernstein, yeah, I agree. Trump is trash, the Repubs know it and they are enabling him to continue.