Thursday, January 25, 2018

Questions for the Sheriff?????? Macedo and Oliveira!!!

   We've received some interesting questions and comments after Oliveira and DiBasilio said they were putting a tax on us to pay the deputies $50 per hour.

   For one, why does Captain Macedo,
who lives in the San Joaquin Valley, choose to work up here instead, where he could make more
money.  Is it anything to do with RACISM, Captain??

  We have been told that Macedo gets a sheriff's vehicle, an UNMARKED one, to drive back an forth to work in!  Is that true and WHY???

   For Mr. Oliveira; everyone seems to be aware that you are a heavy drinker. Did you drink when you were a volunteer resident deputy in Arnold?  Some say yes?  Do you still drink??? We don't think you should drink at all, especially before meetings!

   Drinkers stick together;and is that why DiBasilio got the job in the first place??


Anonymous said...

I think Kuntz got him the car when he was alive. Kuntz was dumb as a stump and macedo ran the entire deparment for him while he sat having a few.

Anonymous said...

I believe I did hear about the captain not able to handle being around minorities.

Anonymous said...

I just get madder and madder. fools, incompetents, crazies in office and drunks too.

Anonymous said...

Have no fear all the lawsuits are almost here. County struggles to make ends meet. The first $100,000 in each case will no doubt cure the county of two faced BoS. Legal insurance only comes into play after $100,000 is paid out. County prepare to be brought to your knees. Bansters you will follow. Defamation will cost you...Lawyer up punks