Friday, January 26, 2018

Trump tried to FIRE Mueller back in June???

"You're FIRED!!
   Apparently it had been kept under wraps, but Trump has been trying to fire Special Counsel Meuller since
last June.

   McGann, his White House Counsel, was ordered to fire Mueller, but McGann refused, saying he would resign first!!!

     More obstruction and abuse of power evidence. Even FOX is covering it now!!


Anonymous said...

So now the big controversy is that Trump DIDN'T fire Mueller but might have thought about it. Wow!! Progs are so desperate they consider something they admit didn't happen a scandal because the other ones they've been lying about for a year (muh Russia!) are blowing up and proving Hillary and the DNC the big colluders.

The left is doing all this to keep the Liberal criminals out of prison by the only way they can. Remove Trump.

Anonymous said...

Like the fake Nunes stories that are already proven false to help that scumbag of a president smear Mueller. All part of Abuse of Power to me.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see, we had Fast and Furious, the IRS Scandal (which the government is paying out large settlements), Benghazi, the Hillary E-mail server all with substantial evidence of wrongdoing and what does the DOJ investigate? The rumor of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia where there is no evidence of that at all (which is what the FBI/DOJ said at the start).

Anonymous said...

Who cares about collusion. We're way beyond that. This creep in my opinion has committee treason, laundered Russian money, has obstructed justice, etc.
And all the wackos can do is still attack Hillary Clinton? What a laugh!!