Wednesday, January 24, 2018

These corrupt Calaveras Sheriffs want $50 per hour??? Grand Jury!!

   During the past week, we have learned that the Calaveras Sheriff's Department not only has NOT followed the advice of the community, but in fact, has become more corrupt. Do they really think these deputies are worth $50 an hour???

   They still have not captured their favorite burglar Terry, but they spend all their time harassing working people. ALL THEIR TIME!!   Have you been pulled over yet for fraudulent reasons?? Let us know!  We are collecting data for the Grand Jury to investigate.

  And only the FBI is investigating the racists in Calaveras, not the Sheriff!!!

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Anonymous said...

Calaveras County Sheriff's office is a training department for other departments. Why doesn't the Sheriff and the Captains offer to share the bundle of money they make with the deputies? Why does one Captain, who lives in the valley, get an unmarked sheriff's vehicle to drive back and forth for normal business hours and after hours (emergency)? use? Can't he get a CHP escort if needed in his personal vehicle?