Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Trump just reminded us of what we have to do

   Trump just completed his State of the Trump speech in the Congress.  He reiterated his hateful racist rants about the 'forgotten man', and reminded us
all of what we have to do next.

   Just like in Iran, we the people, need to stand up against a corrupt a evil regime, loudly protest and make sure all who support Trumpism, are voted out of office as soon as possible. What a horrid man!!!

   We understand that McClintock was hiding his wormy little body in the back of the room and tried to lick the boots of Trump as he walked by.


Anonymous said...

what we have to do is vote him out!

Anonymous said...

Could you believe the gall of that creep??? We are just like the people in Iran. An insane dictator and evil ruler.