Monday, January 22, 2018

Calaveras Supervisors vote to lower land values AGAIN

Tofanelli, head rat, followed by Clapper and Millipedes!!
   Despite the fact that the County Counsels office is discriminating against the Cannabis growers, and wants to take their land when they can't pay the code violation fines, the Calaveras Supervisors voted 3-2 to seize District 2 lands.

   Supervisor Garamendi, backed up by Oliveira said it was not a fair policy and they should treat all code violators the same.  Most of the violation fines are thousands of dollars and affect land values in District 2. 


Anonymous said...

I believe county counsel is pro marijuana

Anonymous said...

If the growers can't or WON'T pay the fines, seize the property, public auction sale time!

Anonymous said...

Be sure if you remove supervisors to replace them with the likes of Cliff Edson, Tom Tryon, Russ Thomas-alias MR. CLEAN. There you go, a recycled board of derelicts. HAPPY VOTING! Be sure they allow smoking of pot in BOS chamber during BOS meetings.