Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Nunes compromised???

   Dear Editor:

   As someone who closely follows politics, both locally and nationally, I have become more than a little concerned.

   This letter is about Devon Nunes, a Congressman from District 22 in California, an obviously gerrymandered slice of the eastern San Joaquin Valley.

   People are accusing Nunes, who recused himself after getting caught helping the White House months ago, with phony reports, of being possibly compromised by the Russians due to his writing of a memo accusing the FBI and justice departments of crimes.

   Yes, everything he is doing is to help the Russians, just like Trump. But I personally believe that he is trying to help Donald Trump; that Trump is the one who is compromised.  I think the Russians DO have a video of him with a Russian prostitute in 2013, just like the Dossier indicated.

   Never doing anything to upset the Russians, defending Putin regardless of what he does, refusing to place the sanctions the Congress overwhelmingly approved after they meddled in our election? These are hints!

   We even see the Russian Bots retweeting the hashtag #release the memo.  Trump will do anything to try and keep himself and his family out of jail, and the Russians have him by the P****, if you ask me.


    M of Arnold


Anonymous said...

That is very likely to be true.

Anonymous said...

Are we talking blackmail here?

Anonymous said...

That's what Russia does. they call it kompromadt, I think.