Monday, February 12, 2018

Calaveras District Attorney Yook encourages candidate SIGN abuse!!

   During the past election, abuse of campaign signs was rampant and reported often, however, nothing was ever done about it due to a bad District Attorney.

   From theft of signs to placing signs without owners permission, she seemed to encourage the problems.

   In one case Supervisor Oliveira and his sign chairmen Michael Preston and Karen Strohmeyer placed 7 signs in no way seen from a roadway, but instead between properties harass people who don't support racist candidates.

   We have photos and reported this harassment by a political candidate and his sick committee, to no avail.  Therefore things are, this election season, being taken into the hands of the honorable people.

   Have you ever witnessed someone like Karen Strohmeyer LIE to a judge in a courtroom?  We have.

     "We only put them up for a week or so?" she stated. When challenged that it was FOUR Months and we have photos, she became silent in the courtroom.  The District Attorney does nothing, but someone has to do something about these crazy people. 

   Nazi behavior can not be tolerated!  Our country's Democracy is in danger. Too much racist propaganda is spewed and racist candidates are being elected because people didn't know a candidate was a low-life racists and were supported by dirty cops!

   In this election season, the feelings are tense and we fear violence will erupt due to the incompetence and personal racist beliefs of the District Attorney Yook.  She's bad news!!

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Anonymous said...

I want to know what dirty cops supported oliveira if thtat the candidate. HE has been talked about as a racist a lot.