Monday, February 12, 2018

What really happened when Lori White hit Mr. Falvey?? Tape edited???

White was released from
custody when Mr. Falvey
decided not to press
   When we heard that Lori White, a BANSTER, had allegedly assaulted one of the growers in the Calaveras Board of Supervisor Chambers,
we tried to look at the video.  That portion of the video, which some had told us they saw live, was GONE!!

   Then we asked the Board Clerk, the Chair Tofanelli and others to explain. Their explanation was that this attack took place after the Board went to lunch.  NOT TRUE!!  So why lie???

   Probably edited the tape and lied to protect Tofanelli, who is the worst Calaveras Supervisor Chair ever, and who took over the chair inappropriately through a POWER GRAB involving Clapp and Mills.

   These three seem to work together on everything and it is looking BAD for Calaveras County. With the chaos, lawsuits, recalls and the Cannabis issue still being bantied about, Calaveras is a joke around the state--more than usual!!


Anonymous said...

and the ban people claim to be the moral, upright, and honorable people in our society. crazy is more like it. probly religious pretending too.

Anonymous said...

So many questions, so many lies, she's lucky he didn't press charges. I think he should have. she's bad news.