Tuesday, February 6, 2018

"Friends of the Fair" Firman Brown sends invites to candidates fundraiser???

   We have now been told that Friends of the Calaveras County Fair, supposedly a 501c3 non-profit without political ties, is indeed tied
to Gary Stevens, a candidate for Calaveras Sheriff.
    A month ago, we questioned a prominent member of the Friends of the Fair about the minutes already showing they are handling the booze at a fundraiser for Gary Stevens. We were assured that Friends of the Fair are NOT in any way involved.

   Now we hear that Firman Brown and his wife Janet Cuslidge are the ones sending out the invitations to Stevens' fundraiser being held next month at Frogtown.   We have gone back to our original source, to find out what happened. 

   Why would Friends of the Fair want to take a chance on smearing what has been a fairly good reputation of working on the fairgrounds?

   A lot of money will be made off of selling the booze, both by Stevens and by FOF. Only a slight conflict of interest? Should the IRS be notified??
    Brown is listed as the TOP director of the FOF, and has run for office in the past, unsuccessfully.

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