Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Supervisor Oliveira to hold campaign event

  Flyers are being passed out about an obvious campaign event to be held by Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira who is in a close battle for re-election in May.

   This is being billed as a TOWN HALL to discuss Planned Development on May 1, 2018, a week before the election.

   Since people have complained that Jon Ellis and Merita Callaway's PD has literally killed Arnold, and he's had 4 years to do something, this is MORE than suspicious.

   The meeting is between 6 and 8 PM at Independence Hall in White Pines.  You can be sure he will be BLOVIATING loudly, as that is what he does best.

   Is Supervisor Callaway or Ed Langen invited to speak or debate the issue?  We doubt it. 


Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks for the info. I'll be there for sure. Thanks to Oliveria too!

Jon Faust said...

Thank you for the great article for keeping people informed about the misfortunes of PD that Ellis, Tyon and Callaway conspired to destroy economic growth progress in district 3 with a NO growth policy! And that Oliviveras's platform four years ago was to kill it and yet nothing has been done! None of the 3 stooges that are running deserve to be a county supervisor as they are an complete and utter embarrassment to the politics in this county!

Anonymous said...

Sounds suspicious. He only scheduled this because of a conversation on *****. If PD killed Arnold? What was the problem BEFORE? We need to quit blaming elected officials for the faults of business owners. I own a business and I believe in Planned Development.

Anonymous said...

He's trying to get people to give him their questions in advance so he can get Maurer to phony up an answer.