Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Is Matthew Brown the illegal pilot

  On the Calaveras Supervisors April 24, 2018 agenda shows item 11 as an INCREASE in pay for a personal helicopter pilot, although the Sheriff lied about it?

   In the agenda item, it says he ERADICATES cannabis, but when you look Matthew Brown up, he's a helicopter pilot.

   Is it possible he is getting more money because he is willing to secretly harass certain landowners and to haul secretly SUPERVISORS???  It appears to be true. We are making a complaint about him to the FAA. 

   He apparently is willing to do whatever Crabtree and DiBasilio and Oliveira tell him to do, although it is illegal.  Is that the reason they KEPT this one and got rid of the honest ones, as DiBasilio and Macedo reported last meeting?


Anonymous said...

How can you be surprised by this. The corruption is also backed by Chair Tofanelli, who I hear suggested they hide the fact that this man is their special pilot.

Anonymous said...

Is this the one that I read somewhere was hovering near the ground?? Now that is totally illegal.