Monday, May 21, 2018

Another Calaveras Fair is over....

   With good weather and decent sized crowds, the Calaveras County Fair is over for yet another year.

   For many, it is a relief that the thousands of motorcycles who descend on our roadways during the 4 day event, have gone back home; the noise for those anywhere near their pathways, was deafening both day and night.


Anonymous said...

(We haven't edited this comment so that the public can see the kinds of people we have to deal with. This one is relatively mild in comparison)

I only hope I'm behind one of those (sorry)asshole motorcyclist when it goes down so I can run over it and make sure its dead and can't make any more noise. And if not dead, I'll stop at your house and remove my exhaust and rev my truck for hour and blow out windows and see how you like it!

Anonymous said...

Gees Gees what a grumpy banster