Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ed Langan on Polling today!

  We asked each Supervisorial candidate in Calaveras County what they thought of the recent polls results around the county.

   Ed Langan responded saying:

    " Unfortunately polling today has transcended into a manipulative vehicle, we are constantly being told what the majority want or who the majority will be voting for, attempting to create the pollers' desired responses at the voting booth.

   Therefore, I do not trust or give these exercises any serious consideration.  It is most unfortunate that journalism and polling have both become manipulative trades as opposed to a foundation of facts.

   I believe I have mentioned to you that when elected, I will invite all the Calaveras media principles to a round tale meeting to discuss exactly this condition.

   Because, to move forward our county will require honest reporting bad or good on our progress and how the folks feel about issues community by community.

   Paralleling this I have had numerous discussions with various BOS members and county leadership to explore an addition to the County's web-site that will allow the county to poll the public on issues and scientifically control the response.

   Today, with the internet we have so many options on polling its almost criminal we do not utilize these option to get almost instant reactions to events or considerations facing the county.

  This is an invaluable tool, that protects residents views an will allow the County to monitor-responds, community by community or precinct by precinct, accurately recording the results, wants and desires of our residents."

  Ed Langan, Candidate Supervisor  D3


Anonymous said...

Mr. Langan, so you want to do what Trump does, tell the media what to write or say? What would you tell Hannity at FOX?

Ed Langan said...

Journalism served or Country very well for the first two hundred years, keeping everybody honest. Today journalism has transitioned into a politically motivated machine attempting to sway peoples opinion with bias reporting. A democracy depends on honest journalism to keep us informed and uncover shenanigans.
Addressing the above comment - Any public official attempting to control journalism has lost his/her way...

Anonymous said...

What would you tell FOX News to report. They are anything but honest in any way.