Thursday, May 24, 2018

Did Mills and Langan set up Oliveira--So much dirty politics in Calaveras

   What 7 page memo?  That is the response we are all receiving from Calaveras County's CAO regarding the anger that came out from Supervisor Oliveira regarding Public Works.

   We have since been trying to discern exactly who set Supervisor Oliveira up to ask about the memo and have spoken with Oliveira, in addition to the CAO.

   The only one who has not responded it Ed Langan, a challenger to Supervisor Oliveira. He was seen with Mills at the Calaveras County Fair and apparently a fairgoer told the District 3 Supervisor about a 7 page memo after speaking with them.

   Unfortunately, this looks like a dirty political set up by Mills, who is trying to get Langan elected. Langan had been Mills campaign chairman and owes him help in taking Oliveiras seat.

   We hate these dirty politics. We have asked Langan by email to tell us why and all about this setup and that we want the truth.  We have not heard back from him.

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Anonymous said...

Yes again you are reporting the real news. Mills is filth and so is his boy Langan. Conspiring for bigger things compared to cannabis. Cox will soon introduce Calaveras To Fracking thanks to his puppet Mills.