Sunday, May 27, 2018

Nazi's make the best gardeners?

Yes, Nazi women are as evil as their
Nazi men!  But they can swing a hoe!!!lol
  We think Nazi's make the very best gardeners! Yes, they are stupid and lazy, but
they have nothing else to do.

  No one will hire them for a good job and no one would trust them for anything with importance, so go for it. Yes, Nazis make the best garden laborers!!

   So need to hire a gardener?  Hire a Nazi, but keep an eye on them!!lol


Anonymous said...

How about a triple LOL for right on!!

Anonymous said...

That photo looks just like someone I saw gardening recently. Mean, filthy, says she is trying to kill off her worthless hub by making him hoe, hoe, hoe! this is terrific. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I now that woman. i'm sure I now her.

Anonymous said...

that's funny. I thought maybe smoking like a turkey.