Friday, May 25, 2018

Gary Stevens is TOTALLY right about Calaveras Sheriff

   After we saw and heard the corrupt Greg Stark get up and campaign at the May 22, 2018 Calaveras Board of Supervisors meeting, we exposed him for the liar he is.

   YES, Cops can be LIARS!
In fact, because they are taught to lie to suspects to get them to admit things, they get used to it and it often costs them marriages, etc.

   Greg Stark, who stated he was representing the deputies union in Calaveras County, said that the letter that Gary Stevens, candidate for Sheriff wrote in the early part of the campaign about complaints, bad morale and general corruption is well documented.

   In fact, as we told Mr. Stevens, we have our own documentation that shows they refuse to investigate and follow up on crimes if the suspect is a supporter of DiBasilio.

  In our opinion, not only the fact that we are aware of the corruption in DiBasilio's department, but that he encourages his flunkies like Stark to CAMPAIGN publicly for him, is evidence of a deep darkness within him.

   It is so bad down there that people like Stark, who will do dishonorable things, get promoted and the deputies who stick by their code, do not. THAT IS WHY THEY LEAVE!!!! Now we are stuck with deputies like STARK!!!

  That means that he has automatically taken himself out of being an honorable candidate and should resign immediately, DO NOT VOTE FOR CORRUPT DiBasilio.!

   We have never supported Gary Stevens, but when a candidate tells the TRUTH, people need to listen.  Vote for anyone by DiBasilio!!!

   You can read the entire letter at

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