Thursday, May 31, 2018

Callaway runs away with candidate donations!!

Even after being out of office for 4 years
Callaway still can bring in the support!
   The Calaveras County Supervisors race in District 3 is definitely heating up. With many already having mailed their absentee ballots, now we see the money

   Merita Callaway shows $ 30,000 plus in donations so far, with Oliveira trailing far behind with around $14,000.  Many businesses stopped supporting Oliveira due to his connections with the
Muetterties and certain racists in the area.

  We still expect it to be somewhat close, although Callaway's team feels they will get the 51% and not have to go to a runoff in November.

     We'll see if Langan can get enough support to force a runoff or not. He has been working the district, even going door to door.

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