Wednesday, May 23, 2018

When people have NO respect for anothers property....Another $6,500

Photo # 4 taken May 21, 2018 at 11:30 AM
   UPDATE:  Our newest neighbor directly behind us has offered to watch out for the scum who would trespass and damage someone else's land.

   These creeps have to cross his or Steven Butts' land first to even get to ours. So what is Steven Butts up to these days?

A little white ago, I was out feeding my birds when I heard what sounded like two men talking at
the far edge
of our land, which goes quite a ways back from our home.

   I shouted and went back to the edge of our land to find damage to our land, trees cut, trespassing and boot prints clearly on our land with the land all dug out.

Photo # 19 taken May 21, 2018 at 11:30 AM
  Patrick  Sh**h*** and Steven Butts have property that back up yours. No others. It had to be them or someone Sh**h**** ordered from a phone call.

   There is also one postal PTSD  who claimed in the past that he owns land that backs up ours, is a filthy liar and well known drunk.

   We have reported it locally directly to DeBasilio and will report it further in the AM to the Feds.  Another suspect is
the one who cut over 100 trees down on our Caltrans right of way and from the Sh**h**** property is Michael Pissedon.

Those and one woman are the names given to the FEDS.  Conspiracy to commit a crime of vandalism in order to silence a news person and website is a FELONY, according to Federal authorities.  No other or new suspects are alleged.

   This comes all the way down from the RACIST, sicko President, who has no respect for anyone, even his own wife.

   Will our country ever get rid of the racist, crazy criminals (the REAL criminals) and get a President who believes in teaching their children respect.

   We plan to have those responsible charged, will sign arrest warrants, take them to court and make them pay damages.   There are just too many crazy evil people, and some of them live close by you.
 Be careful, everyone!!!   
   These are the same type of people who steal from others and injure others without any guilt. Mentally unstable they will go throughout life in and out of trouble, unable to keep a job.

   They owe $250 per tree at over 20 trees, that's another $5000 they owe us, on top of the $12,500 they owe from the last time they vandalized. 

    They also owe $1000 for vet bills after WHAT woman poisoned our poor innocent dog???


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Too many let people get away with it. have them arrested. make them realize its wrong to damage another persons property or to steal.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Ditto

Anonymous said...

These are probly the same type who move on to hurting pets and then people. They never will be any good. just like their parents, its likely.

Anonymous said...

what do you want to bet its the rotten grandkids of that postal drunk? What do you want to bet????

Anonymous said...

This definitely comes down the tree, but I seems to remember the postal guy saying his gks were too ugly to be scared about bears or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution, shoot them and bury them as NOTHING else will work as you can cry to the po po all you want!

Anonymous said...

What kind of example are they setting for their kids, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Fool! The feds know and I read in another article about them conspiring to commit a crime of vandalism and who knows what else, a felony. Add to that the federal crime of trying to silence a reported or website, federal felonies. These must be mental wackjobs!

Anonymous said...

I know, the Sheriff knows and olivera knows exactly who they are. Who is protecting them the most? Why does this remind everyone of the golden state killer? Cops????