Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Calaveras County marriage licenses

   Marriage licenses issued in Calaveras County between May 7 an May 25, 2018:

   Michael Dean Riley and Marcia Rae Simon on May 7, 2018

   Mary Frances Plunkett and Joseph Mello Severns on May 8, 2018

   Monica Alissa Lynn Mahoney and Dale Louis Lanza on May 14, 2018

   Katherine Ruth Rester and Alfonso Javier Rojas on May 15, 2018

   Carina Nicole Dubois and Daniel Troy Mack on May 15, 2018

   Eric Charles Sturgis and Krista Mae Becker on May 16, 2018

   Darrel Glenn Ashlock and Janice Marie Barton on May 17, 2018

   David William Wichman and Cindi Dawn Lillo on May 18, 2018

   Jacob Lee Cosma and Tonya Lee Woodward on May 18, 2018

   Stewart Johnathan Maring and Elisya Nichole Pina on May 18, 2018

   Nathaniel William Wigington and Elizabeth Anne DeLeo on May 18, 2018

   Rickey Dale Davis and Sherri Elaine Moody on May 18, 2018

   Brandon Kyle Inks and Kiersten Marie Kemp on May 18, 2018

   Carrissa Marie Gomez and Daniel William Wright-Green on May 18, 2018

   Mark Alan Broglio and Alyssa Maryann Horsley on May 21, 2018

   Scott Steven Schinnerer and Tanya Annette Kiernan on May 23, 2018

   Mary Elizabeth Dougherty and Michael Anthony Muller on May 24, 2018

   Peter Howard Campbell and Makenzie Lauren on May 24, 2018

   Michael Zapata Saldana Abraham and Jessic Rose Goble on May 25, 2018

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