Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Greg Stark is head of Calaveras deputies UNION??? Did DiBasilio order?

   Deputy Greg Stark came before the Calaveras Supervisors yesterday May 22, 2018 to complain about a letter he said is going around about bad morale, many citizens complaints, etc and he says he is the UNION Rep and denies all complaints.

    We sent an email to MR. STARK, reminding him that we are well aware (as is he) of how many bad deputies are given promotions (LYING to victims, especially women), (harassing innocent political opponents with the POT helicopter), (protecting racist thugs who threaten women by hiding and NEVER even writing up a report) and on and on.

   We are here to inform the public that we have also had trouble with MR. STARK himself personally. He does not like helping citizens who need help. In other words, Mr. Stark is LYING at the Board of Supervisors.  We have evidence. The good deputies leave and the bad ones get promoted.

   Did DiBasilio order you to go up there and tell those lies, Mr. Stark???? How DARE YOU????


Anonymous said...

Come on now. You know that Sgt. Stark is one of DiBasilio's biggest supporters.

Anonymous said...

Greg Stark is nothing but a basilio toady. worthless and corrupt enough to get promoted in this god-forsaken deparmthet

Anonymous said...

Why is it so hard to believe that morale is low? Obviously employees are leaving for some reason and it isn't just money. The pay isn't good but it isn't that bad. If you are an employee you better keep your mouth shut though or Big Rick will not have your back, unless you are going to support him for Sheriff. He'll take anyone's support even if you're a bad employee.

Anonymous said...

Stark is a piece of shit, willing to do anything to campaign for ricky baby, with the promise of more promotions. bad news, deputies campaigning at the BOS

Anonymous said...

Stark is one of the criminal "good ol boys' in my opinion. wants to apear clean, but smells. this proves it