Thursday, May 3, 2018

Anti-business Callaway hurts Arnold, but lives in Murphys

   In a phone conversation with Merita Callaway we let her know we were considering investing in a couple of commercial business buildings in Arnold.

   However, since her "toadies" showed up in force, including her loud mouth henchman Jon Ellis, we have reconsidered.  She has no intention of developing or helping businesses to thrive or for the young people to get jobs.

   She only supports the ranting loudmouths and control freaks who want to tell you what color you can paint your property.  They're NUTS!!

  We will invest our money elsewhere, in a place where elected officials are not catering to the nut cases who seem to be jealous of everyone. 


Anonymous said...

Now they are allowing design NAZI's to be in control. Who is worse, callaway or oliveria? Both suck!

Anonymous said...

My VOTE is for Langen and I don't give a damn about his past affiliations with the devil or his religious background! Who gives a rats ass, we need somebody to get Arnold back on the rails as Olivera and Callaway can't or won't do it! And where is loudmouth Ellis, how come he isn't running besides running his mouth!