Thursday, May 17, 2018

Bill Gates on meeting TRUMP

   An interesting thing happened on the Chris Hayes Show tonight on MSNBC. He played a video of Bill Gates telling
an audience of what it was like to meet Trump.

   Gates explained that Trump referred to himself in the third person, saying 'Trump thinks....', etc. and that he really made Mrs. Gates upset when he mentioned details of her body to them in very complimentary terms.

   When Mr. Gates suggested that Trump could really make a name for his Presidency by doing
something to create vaccines, Trump told him "Yes, I am thinking of starting a study on the dangers of vaccines!' to which the audience laughed uproariously.

   Then Gates realized that Trump didn't even know one vaccine from another and that the southern Mr. Kennedy had suggested to Trump that he put an end to all these dangerous vaccines, Gates gave up.

   Trump could recall minute details about Gates' daughters body, but had no clue about the really important things in the country. No wonder he's in trouble.

   But Gates did not refer to Trump as a "moron'! He could very well have, but he didn't! He left that for his Secretary of State.

   Just wait till Trump sees the video. There will be some wild tweeting against Bill Gates, we can imagine!

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