Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira meeting tonight at 6 PM

   At 6 PM tonight at Independence Hall Supervisor Oliveira and his Planning Commissioner Muetterties are holding a Town Hall concerning Planned Development, which affects only business and commercial property owners in Arnold.

  Put into the Arnold Community Plan by Jon Ellis at the instruction of then Supervisor Merita Callaway, the ruling places subjective cost on any remodeling or building of commercial property in Arnold.

   To repay him, Ellis got his land, Cedar development removed from the Arnold Community Plan, which many felt was total corruption.

   Although Supervisor Oliveira ran on removing this and other blocks from the growing worries of contractors and owners of commercial land, nothing has been done to remove it.

   Is it possible that Callaway will send cohorts to yell and scream that they want Planned Development to stay in the plan?

   Since it is only a week until ballots are being mailed out, some believe Oliveira may be doing this as a campaign meeting to get votes from angry landowners and business owners.

   Oliveira is up against a tough election with an anti-pot candidate Langen taking some votes and Callaway back in it taking the moderate vote. It will likely result in a runoff in November.

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