Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Comment on Measure A

From: Randy Smart, MD
Executive Director
Mark Twain Health Care District

   Mark Twain Health Care District is a county wide special district established by the voters of Calaveras County in 1946.

   The original purpose of the District was to build and operate a hospital. The District built Mark Twain Hospital in 1951.

   Mark Twain Hospital is a publicly owned hospital. California law requires that if the District sells or leases more than 50% of the hospital, then public approval through an election ballot must be attained.

   There are no tax increases or any change in your tax bill from this lease (Measure A). All of the related documents can be found on the District website:  marktwainhealthdistrict.specialdistrict.org.

   The Health Care District unanimously supports Measure A, as do the county supervisors and nearly 80% of its citizens.

   You can also call our District office to get more information. 209-754-4468.  We want to thank Dr. Smart for his information for the voters.

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