Saturday, May 5, 2018

Crazy people and cruelty to animals never end!!

    We love our pets and worry all the time about yet another abuse taking place, though we take every precaution. 

    Mental incapacity
and anger over a failed life causes them to think they should abuse an animal, and often hope to move
on to a human.

    In Indiana a woman came home to find her pet dog, lying bleeding at her front door. Someone had broken in and taken her dog, tortured it with a screwdriver and dumped it.

   The poor dog crawled back home covered in blood, crying.  The vet had to put her to sleep; couldn't save her.

   The punishment and even the ARREST of animal abusers (crazy people) is weak and or unheard of and the mentally abhorrent people continue to harm people's animals. 

  LOCK THEM UP!!  LOCK THEM UP in a Mental institution FOREVER!!!

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