Tuesday, May 1, 2018

DeAngelo's wheel chair an ACT??? Dirty Cop!!!

   Have you ever been in court and watched a person you witnessed the day before. having no problem walking normally, actually DRAG
ONE LEG in front of a judge.  Did you laugh???

   What kind of person does that?  The DeAngelo type, that's what kind. DeAngelo's  neighbors say they recently saw him extremely active, even jumping a fence, aggressively grooming his lawn, etc., and do not believe he is suddenly incapacitated.

   Now that he has been caught, he claims he is in poor health, can't walk and needs a wheelchair?  Many are calling it an act to get sympathy from the judge and possibly the jury pool.

   A lying, dirty cop who is now accused of being the original Night Stalker, the East Side Rapist and the Golden Gate killer should not surprise anyone by his actions.

   Did this act work with the judge in the case we we are aware of? Do you believe it will work now??  Or does this just seem like par for the course of a typical of a dirty cop??

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