Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Destroying trees a waste of money!!! Force PG&E to bury their lines!!!


  Yesterday we spoke with several people who are upset about PG&E and a bunch of foresters traveling through subdivision, devastating
   One person was almost in tears that they are now cutting down healthy trees; PG&E says its the only way to prevent massive fires caused by overhead power lines.

    Now we know that is an OURIGHT LIE by PG&E.   They are wasting all this money, upsetting residents, harming property values, all for nothing.

   The money should be spent putting ALL overhead power UNDERGROUND!!  If the PUC or the government cared about fire at all, they would demand that PG&E bury all power. 

    Instead, they want to pay money EVERY YEAR, to cut down all trees and bushes, upsetting people, who are now thinking of leaving the area because their property value is gone.

   Trees are the reason people move here. Trees do not cause fires, as we have many times reported,
any more than GUNS cause shootings. 

   The more clearing they do, they warmer the climate will get and the more big fires will occur.  Get smart, California. Force PG&E to bury all power lines.


Anonymous said...

I have been told that you can refuse; just SAY NO!!! If everyone says NO, maybe they will bury the lines. Can we stick together on anything. I don't have much hope.

Anonymous said...

The powers to be have utility easements so they can do what they want. And it would cost millions to bury the power lines which will never happen!

Anonymous said...

They have a right of way, but they cannot damage you property value and I've talked to several people who either limit or say no. you still own your land. I agree with making them bury lines.

Anonymous said...

ARe you kidding? IT costs 10 times as much to cut everything every year. Once they bury them, its done. Idiots!!! They pay billions every year.

Anonymous said...

I think its about POWER. LIttle people with power over others. Its not their land. they probably couldn't make it in the real world.