Monday, May 21, 2018

Jim Behm sold his house to bad KIDS??? New owner LIES!!!

Yes, HOLES dug on our land! Scum
bag vandals and trespassers!!
   We just learned that Jim Behm, our old problem neighbor directly behind us has left the state for Hawaii and was forced to sell his house to people with bad
KIDS? Is this at 243 Blue Jay Drive in Hathaway Pines? This is disgusting!!

Photo shows our fencepost being used
as some type of RAMP. Damage bad!!
   The new owner tried to deny causing the damage, even though I chased them off. They are responsible for the damage to our land and will be held accountable. Can't believe that man has a decent job but can't control his family, and now refuses to pay without going to court!!!

     What kind of kids are they?? What do the cops say??? Do they already have a record???


Anonymous said...

What on earth? Looks like instead of moving into a new house and getting to know new neighbors you will be going straight to court. Why do that? People are STUPID (or druvk I guess)

Anonymous said...

You say this is on Blue Jay??. It's a wonder that whole hillside hasn't caved in. And someone is digging big holes and cutting more trees that hold in the soil. Come one, duffussss.