Thursday, May 10, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Growers want pot banned!

   Dear Editor:

    I firmly believe that the cannabis growers actually like the idea of a ban! Why? Because their
crops are worth more money when there is less product available.

   Right now the law enforcer is busy spending what cannabis money is left cutting down plants and charging people with misdemeanor growing more than 6 plants.

   When the money is gone, do you really believe that this sheriff will expend his own monies to go out and search out sites that are now told to him by planning? I don't think so.

   Everything will go right back the way it was before, but the old supply and demand will kick in and there will be more money for those who continue to grow.

   Their shifty helicopter they will not be able to afford much longer either. They're just waiting it out.

  Laughing at Sheriff Rick

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