Sunday, May 13, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Pot--What will lawsuits decide??

   Dear Editor:

    I began this journey in Calaveras County not caring one way or the other about pot growing. I know it was here long before anyone paid any attention to it and before the state legalized it.

   Now that a bunch of Supervisors approved it, legalized it, took a lot of money from these business people to grow, I sort of decided regulation was the way to go.

   It really helped my area after the Butte Fire, as people who thought their land was totally worthless were able to sell it to growers.

   The restaurants, hardware stores and other places began to show signs of life after all and hope returned to the District 2 area.

   Then three Supes; Tofanelli, Clapp and Mills got elected and for what they call religious (I call it racist) reasons, they banned it.

    So what will happen in all the lawsuits?  I have been trying to figure that out. It's possible that the county will get to keep its ban, but pay back the 15 million or so dollars it took in good faith from those growers.

   Or it is possible judgment could go completely for the growers who were actually given a 'bait and switch '  and I consider, a criminal act by the three new Supes, and will be allowed to grow in the future.

   No matter which way it ends, those three Supes are going to cost (already are costing) Calaveras County a lot of lawyer fees and settlement fees.

   And what about all the other losses the growers who invested in good faith had?  Will the county be able to reimburse them for those losses.

   I've talked to two who are selling out at a loss and leaving because of the political extremism shown at the government level.   Anti-cannabis people are pro-Trump, pro-racist, consider themselves to be evangelical Trumpians and can never have enough guns!

   I will be watching from here in D2


Anonymous said...

Idiots, three idiots. that's all I have to add. good letter

Anonymous said...

I wish I understood the reasons behind the banners better. It all seems so nuts. I see more trouble from the booze!

Anonymous said...

All I know is that some of the nicest people are leaving because of this mess. Moving to another county that encourages agri-business.

Anonymous said...

I am a local business owner who has supported tenants starting out trying to get a foothold for the past 9 years. We owned 70 residential rentals before that. I am the type of business owner and compassionate landlord you want in this community. We are disgusted with the poor leadership in this county and are selling to never return. Miserable supes taking people livelihood after their homes are burned down.